renegade craft fair

once again, it’s time for the renegade craft fair. it’s huge. seriously. and there’s so many booths, you need two days to see it all. if you’re in chicago this weekend, you should take some time and go. it’s free. Advertisements

the chicago indie music scene may be in danger

The Chicago City Council is attempting to pass a law that would severely hinder and even prevent smaller and independent music promoters. The ability to book and host shows in bars, clubs, galleries, basements and lofts could soon be quite a costly endeavor if this legislation goes through. That means that any small artists wishing […]

obama wins!

and people in chicago take to the streets to celebrate. thank you america.

if you live here…

pretty girls will surround you with your shirt off. so says ecologic lofts in bucktown, chicago. i don’t know about you, but to me the subtext here is, “if you live here, you will get laid.”

berlin – 1st of may

yesterday kristina and i bought last minute tickets to berlin – 1st of may. it was one of the best films i’ve seen all year. the title comes from the tradition in berlin, and other parts of europe, to take to the streets and demonstrate in the name of civil rights. in 1987 this celebration […]

temporary technical difficulties

so, of course, on the day i go to buy a chicago city sticker and residential permit for my car, i get a ticket. and apparently prices have gone up in the last year. so i visit the ‘convenient’ site for the department of revenue, to contest the ticket, and that section is temporarily down. […]

corona and a cold can of ravioli

that was my first meal in my new apartment. no microwave, no gas for the stove. no water pressure for the shower and it’s hot as hell up here. this place will be interesting, to say the least.

journey on a lego bike

first off… journey rocks. ’nuff said. secondly, apparently lego has a secret vault full of nearly every set they’ve ever produced. wow. just, wow. this makes me want to get all my cases of legos out of storage and start building again. too bad there’s not much room in a chicago apartment. thirdly, i got […]

kudos, illinois secretary of state

it’s not often you hear someone praising the sos, or dmv. long waits, cold clerks, and canned music would easily make anyone a bit more than annoyed. add to that the frustration of not knowing until you’ve arrived, that you’re missing one crucial piece of information necessary to make it through the gauntlet. i’ve done […]

we got one!

er, rather, i got one. and by one, i mean an apartment. my own apartment. in chicago. i shall begin preparations for migration shortly. wish me luck. more info as events warrant. update: street view to the rescue.