in the kitchen

i can smell the rain, coming up from under the back door.
it makes me wish it were summer, on a warm night,
a subtle breeze and the sounds of the city straining through.


a small step for a man, one giant leap for all humankind


“A man of color as the head of state unleashes the imagination in so many ways for so many people and it frees up children to see themselves in more expansive terms.”

Election of Obama a civil rights triumph

“You cannot enjoy the light without enduring the heat.”

How Obama will shape US history

for the first time, in a very, very long time… i feel proud to be an american again. there is hope in the air. it’s palpable. not just in the u.s., but in the world. never before has an american political official stirred feelings of such optimism in me.

the thing that strikes me the most is how human he is. he is not flawless. he has some personal and political views with may ultimately slow progress in some arenas, but overall his election alone is another big nail in the coffin of oppression that has plagued this nation’s past. that i am able to witness this tells me that all is not lost. i just hope the rest of the world will join hands and work with him as a comrade, not an opponent.

Obama’s innagural address

Obama’s election victory speech

of the serpent and the dove

“We must combine the toughness of the serpent and the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart.”


tap tap tapping on my kitchen floor

last night, when i got home from work, i noticed a leak in my kitchen ceiling. i called the maintenance guy and he said there wasn’t anything he could do until morning. of course. so i put a crock pot under it (which i never use anyway) and sat down to watch a couple episodes of veronica mars.

after an hour or so the dripping had multiplied, and the plaster was beginning to crack. i think to myself, “this is going to fall in by morning.” the boy scout in me said, “hey, this is going to get worse. move everything out of the way and put something bigger under it to catch the water.” so i did. the dripping continued at a steady rate, and the plaster started to warp a little. there was nothing more i could do, so i went to bed.

2:45 am. crash!

there it was

there it was

and here it is

and here it is

this can't be good

this can't be good

it’s currently -10 degrees in chicago right now, so i decide to work from home. the maintenance guy comes by, looks at the situation, gives me the same line about not being able to do anything right now. in fact, he says he really can’t do anything until the weather is warmer and the snow has melted. so, i have to wait until what, april, to get this fixed?! he goes out on the roof, which i must commend him for, and tries to shovel off any remaining snow and ice.

since then, a new leak has formed at the top of the window adjacent to the hole, but it seems to have slowed. so while i wait until it gets fixed i can’t use half my kitchen and heat from my apartment is no doubt escaping much quicker than it should. guess it’s time to put on my angry tenant hat and write an email to the management.

crowdsourcing your win

so, the company i work for, crowdspring, works on a crowdsourcing model. people who need design work done can post a project and let a pool of designers from all over the world submit ideas. the best idea (or ideas) wins.

while we are not the first people to do something like this, we believe our particular model is pretty sweet. if you think so, maybe you can give us some kudos by voting for us in wired’s small biz contest.

we will love you forever.

be a community manager

my lovely employer, crowdspring, is now in the market for a new community manager.

this seat is currently filled by the amazing angeline. but alas, she is leaving us for greener pastures.


1,000 words

not only did america make history on tuesday… we also are making the future.

obama wins!

and people in chicago take to the streets to celebrate.

Obama Accepts

The Crowd

US Flag

For the Kids

thank you america.

joe biden’s teeth

those of you that believe in change and feel we can make a difference in america, should see this promotional video for joe biden’s teeth. seriously. how can you deny the power of those pearly whites?

oh, and i wrote the music. =]

ben schaafsma

he and i were never close friends, but we regarded each other with a certain level of respect. that of fellow artists and g-rap kids trying to express themselves and share their gifts with others. several friends of mine were close to him. the world has lost another wonderful soul, but the world is now better for his being in it.

Benjamin J. Schaafsma (September 7, 1982 – October 25, 2008)