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Kutiman Thru-You

If you haven’t seen his stuff yet, you’ve gotta check it out. Kutiman (twitter), a musician/producer/dj from Israel, recently launched a site dedicated to mashups of YouTube videos. In short, it’s effing amazing: Advertisements

crowdsourcing your win

so, the company i work for, crowdspring, works on a crowdsourcing model. people who need design work done can post a project and let a pool of designers from all over the world submit ideas. the best idea (or ideas) wins. while we are not the first people to do something like this, we believe […]

personal genome project

in this month’s wired, there’s a piece on the personal genome project. imagine how you would feel about your life, health, and that of your parents, or children, if you could have a detailed chart of your genome? you could predict future illnesses, how your children might turn out, and what effect your parents, grandparents […]

comcast owes me two hours of my life

i just signed up for comcast cable and internet service, for about the 4th time. after a bit of personal debate over whether i should go with at&t instead, i opted for the service i was more familiar with. and, as expected, i got the customer service i was more accustomed to. horrible. i decided […]

craigslist + google maps = awesome seriously. why didn’t i know about this a few weeks ago. i just found an apartment via craigslist, which required a little legwork, but this would have made it soooo much easier. and chicago apartment finders was of little help.

kitemare before mother’s day

so, lesson learned on this one… i ordered a set of wind chimes from for my mom for mother’s day. that was on the 1st of may. they still haven’t arrived. i’ve already been charged for the item and tried to make contact with the owner several times, to no avail. after doing a […]

best comment about social networking evar!

from the wired article on susan kare, the artist who designed those memorable little mac icons, and more recently those little gift icons on facebook: “Life is too short to track the status updates of virtual strangers.” yes, yes it is.

why secure passwords are good

a recent article in wired is a perfect example of why to keep track of your passwords, and change them often: linkin park’s mysterious cyberstalker. try googling “password safety”. you get nearly 60 million results. in the paper and plastic world, the best safety is your own eyes. in cyberspace you can’t see beyond the […]

save the fate of internet radio

from a recent bulletin: “Online music is in danger. A recent ruling by an obscure regulatory board threatens to put independent and public radio on the Internet out of business. The “Copyright Royalty Board” is dramatically increasing the royalties “webcasters” must pay every time they stream a song online. Public Internet radio like NPR […]

you can put it in your portfolio

anyone who does any sort of ‘professional’ design work will appreciate this little animation: make a website for me, since we are friends. umm… how about, no. need further explanation?