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are these the droids i am looking for?

so i’m contemplating getting a smartphone. in particular, i’m looking at the htc droid eris on verizon. here’s why: 1) i’m already on verizon. they’ve been good to me. they may not be the cheapest, but their network is reliable, their customer service is helpful, and most importantly, i can get the eris for $50 […]

give the earth one hour

tonight is earth hour: do the earth a favor and turn off everything electrical between 8:30 and 9:30pm, local time. light candles, play music, go for a walk, take a nap, have sex. just do anything but use electricity for an hour straight. show your support to fight global warming by letting it cool […]

crowdsourcing your win

so, the company i work for, crowdspring, works on a crowdsourcing model. people who need design work done can post a project and let a pool of designers from all over the world submit ideas. the best idea (or ideas) wins. while we are not the first people to do something like this, we believe […]

personal genome project

in this month’s wired, there’s a piece on the personal genome project. imagine how you would feel about your life, health, and that of your parents, or children, if you could have a detailed chart of your genome? you could predict future illnesses, how your children might turn out, and what effect your parents, grandparents […]

comcast owes me two hours of my life

i just signed up for comcast cable and internet service, for about the 4th time. after a bit of personal debate over whether i should go with at&t instead, i opted for the service i was more familiar with. and, as expected, i got the customer service i was more accustomed to. horrible. i decided […]

name is too long for the recycle bin

ever have one of those days? i was cleaning out my previous developer machine, backing up files, deleting others, when i received the following alert: i’m sorry sir, but your filenames are just to darn long. they stick out over the top edge of the recycle bin and a few of them even tip it […]

who do i have to bribe to get a regular old mouse pad these days?

using a standard issue apple mighty mouse on a smooth desk surface works fine, but i prefer to have a cloth-covered mouse pad to protect both the desk and the underside of the mouse. the one i’ve been using for years is looking pretty hit, so i decided to search for a new one. apparently […]

imb 1401: a user’s manual

prepare for the ultimate in geek high culture. an interpretive dance set to music composed on an ibm 1401 computer:

77 million paintings

this, among other accomplishments, is why brian eno is awesome: read more about it, and the power behind it, at an army of macs powers brian eno’s sculpture of sight and sound

odyssey of the mind comes to msu

back in the day, before dvds and pocket-sized cell phones, before myspace and youtube, before ddr and wow, kids used to participate in after school activities such as sports, band, orchestra, theatre, debate, various clubs, and a little known international, multidisciplinary competition known as odyssey of the mind. when i was but a wee lad, […]