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the chicago indie music scene may be in danger

The Chicago City Council is attempting to pass a law that would severely hinder and even prevent smaller and independent music promoters. The ability to book and host shows in bars, clubs, galleries, basements and lofts could soon be quite a costly endeavor if this legislation goes through. That means that any small artists wishing […]

obama wins!

and people in chicago take to the streets to celebrate. thank you america.

apple and google oppose california proposition 8 it still baffles me that so many people are against same-sex marriages.

religion, an athiest, and the golden compass

all i learned in my time studying religion in college can be summarized by this one article: guest opinion: america’s best known athiest riffs on golden compass my favorite part is the second paragraph: “people lend their support when their system of belief is advocated, and wish to do anything but when the advocacy is […]


cinematic titanic¬†might just be one of the few shows worth watching this [and next] year. considering the writer’s strike has the fate of most other decent shows hanging in the balance, i think i can get behind this one… at least for a bit.

E non ho amato mai tanto la vita!

 Opera legend Pavarotti dies at 71 rest ye well, sweet prince.

do ask, do tell

i do not support the war. there are very few times when i feel armed conflict is necessary. i will never enlist. i will never give my life for a country that seeks to take it from others. i do, however, support the troops. they are doing the job i cannot. they are committed to […]

field sense, or the force?

i’m not a huge one for sports, mostly because i think all the money and hoopla that goes with them is unnecessary. i do, however, enjoy participating in them once in a while. anyone who considers herself an athlete, or at least follows the sports world knows there are some players who standout because they […]

odyssey of the mind comes to msu

back in the day, before dvds and pocket-sized cell phones, before myspace and youtube, before ddr and wow, kids used to participate in after school activities such as sports, band, orchestra, theatre, debate, various clubs, and a little known international, multidisciplinary competition known as odyssey of the mind. when i was but a wee lad, […]

leave it to detroit

a concealed weapons permit + detroit = bad news for burglars “…detroit leads the world in rape and murder and everything else, but new york takes the blame.” – denis leary