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Kutiman Thru-You

If you haven’t seen his stuff yet, you’ve gotta check it out. Kutiman (twitter), a musician/producer/dj from Israel, recently launched a site dedicated to mashups of YouTube videos. In short, it’s effing amazing: Advertisements

the chicago indie music scene may be in danger

The Chicago City Council is attempting to pass a law that would severely hinder and even prevent smaller and independent music promoters. The ability to book and host shows in bars, clubs, galleries, basements and lofts could soon be quite a costly endeavor if this legislation goes through. That means that any small artists wishing […]

captain’s log (04.16.08)

work the new job is pretty sweet. i’ve been putting in some insane hours to get our site to launch, which is just around the corner. music in the ‘surplus’ of time i will gain from working regular hours i hope to spend more time and energy on music – writing, recording and a little […]

may your dreams be realized

“Sleep Sleep tonight And may your dreams Be realized If the thunder cloud Passes rain So let it rain Rain down him So let it be So let it be Sleep Sleep tonight And may your dreams Be realized If the thundercloud Passes rain So let it rain Let it rain Rain on him” – […]

E non ho amato mai tanto la vita!

 Opera legend Pavarotti dies at 71 rest ye well, sweet prince.

imb 1401: a user’s manual

prepare for the ultimate in geek high culture. an interpretive dance set to music composed on an ibm 1401 computer:

77 million paintings

this, among other accomplishments, is why brian eno is awesome: read more about it, and the power behind it, at an army of macs powers brian eno’s sculpture of sight and sound

odyssey of the mind comes to msu

back in the day, before dvds and pocket-sized cell phones, before myspace and youtube, before ddr and wow, kids used to participate in after school activities such as sports, band, orchestra, theatre, debate, various clubs, and a little known international, multidisciplinary competition known as odyssey of the mind. when i was but a wee lad, […]

mp3 laced vinyl

even though you may not be an avid collector of new releaeses on vinyl, some people are, especially stereophiles and djs. in an attempt to cater to the digital needs of an analog loving audience, and also give a big middle finger to drm, a few indie record labels are now releasing vinyl versions of […]

in soviet russia, life controls you

so many things have happened lately, my brain is still processing it all. the virginia tech tragedyhas been weighing heavily on academic minds lately. security measures have been increased around jcc’s campus, and a few ‘suspicious’ or ‘unruly’ individuals have actually been removed from campus. again people are talking about kids in trench coats and […]