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6th annual lake county film festival

the schedule for this year’s running of the lake county film festival is up: last year, a video by my musical alter ego, james collin, was featured as a short. i won’t have anything shown this year, but i still plan on attending. they’re screening over 80 films and shorts from march 4th to […]

stop motion graffiti

this is awesome. where’s my camera?!

religion, an athiest, and the golden compass

all i learned in my time studying religion in college can be summarized by this one article: guest opinion: america’s best known athiest riffs on golden compass my favorite part is the second paragraph: “people lend their support when their system of belief is advocated, and wish to do anything but when the advocacy is […]

buffy, bsg and birthdays

so i’ve never considered myself a big buffy fan. i enjoyed the original movie, and when the series started it sort of clashed with my personal conception of the whole thing, so i didn’t really get into the show. i was in high school, watching x-files, playing music and carrying on with general misbehavior. it […]


new tmnt trailer. sweet. definitely looks better than the new transformers movie. don’t mess with my childhood, or i won’t pay to see your movie.

indigenous filmmakers

because of the decreasing cost of video equipment and software amateur documentary filmmakers are popping up everywhere. are we coming to an age when video communication will be the norm? it has been prophesied for years, but it seems as though we’re on the cusp. now that you can buy a dv camera at your […]

the hobbit + new line – peter jackson = no deal

To Web Fans, Peter Jackson Is the One True Director when i first heard there were plans to make a live action version of the lord of the rings, i was extremely skeptical. how would they do it? would they be faithful to the books? would they turn it into hollywood fodder like so many […]

the fountain

as is mentioned in the comments about this film on, there is no middle ground. you’ll either hate it, or not. personally, i thought it was stunning visually, and although it may be lacking in plot complexity it makes up for in possibility of interpretation. i think that’s what aronofsky was going for. his […]

net neutrality, or humanity lobotomy?

arin over at foureyedmonsters have hit a chord with his new video podcast on net neutrality. we lucked out this election with the introduction of more democrats into congress, but there’s more to be done. visit, check out their action map and find out who’s against or undecided and call them. then, check out […]

guy fawkes day

the infamous figurehead of the gunpowder plot. v for vendetta is by far one of the best movies to come out in the past 5 or 10 years. seriously. see it. that’s all for today…