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give the earth one hour

tonight is earth hour: do the earth a favor and turn off everything electrical between 8:30 and 9:30pm, local time. light candles, play music, go for a walk, take a nap, have sex. just do anything but use electricity for an hour straight. show your support to fight global warming by letting it cool […]

another reason i’m a proud mac owner

first steve jobs shared his views on drm. now he tells us what apple has done, is doing and will do to make their products more environmentally friendly, in every respect. ask me about that little white sticker on my car. go ahead.

in soviet russia, life controls you

so many things have happened lately, my brain is still processing it all. the virginia tech tragedyhas been weighing heavily on academic minds lately. security measures have been increased around jcc’s campus, and a few ‘suspicious’ or ‘unruly’ individuals have actually been removed from campus. again people are talking about kids in trench coats and […]


the aussies have the right idea: australia switches off incadescent bulbs.

“this is a bag of snakes”

from the article on bush budget funds nasa, cuts epa the president’s budget proposal, explained.


after the announcement that humankind certainly is responsible for at least part of the recent rise in global temperature, you’ve got to be asking yourself, what can i do? stop driving my car? use candles instead of electric light? recycle my fecal matter for use as natural gas? well, yes. you could do that. but […]