are these the droids i am looking for?

so i’m contemplating getting a smartphone. in particular, i’m looking at the htc droid eris on verizon. here’s why:

1) i’m already on verizon. they’ve been good to me. they may not be the cheapest, but their network is reliable, their customer service is helpful, and most importantly, i can get the eris for $50 if i renew my contract and purchase it online. aside from perhaps u.s. cellular, which doesn’t currently offer a phone i like, no other service provider has impressed me enough to make me switch.

2) the eris runs android. although it only runs 1.5, i support healthy competition, and even more importantly, open source. it also integrates directly with google accounts and supports multi-touch gestures through htc’s sense ui.

3) everybody and their brother has an iphone or a blackberry, which are great phones, but i’ve always had a little bit of a rebellious streak. for the most part i’m a big apple fan. after having held the eris and played a little, it seems pretty solid, like any good phone should. plus, it has removable storage, battery and you can mount it directly as a usb drive.

but of course a decision wouldn’t be a decision without some downsides. the most prominent being price. to support broadband connectivity and serious text messaging, the base plan starts at $99.99 a month. ouch. that’s quite a step up from $39.99. there are undoubtedly many other places i can put my money – like my savings account.

so why not go with the motorola droid? basically, that phone is a little too much for me. i was initially really excited about it. the lack of multi-touch functionality is disappointing (i know it “supports” it). the slide out keyboard was also interesting, but, when compared to the eris, that’s about the only hardware feature i consider an advantage, and the reviews on it aren’t promising. the high res screen is definitely cool, but i’m really not planning on watching movies on my phone.

the last consideration… do i really need a smartphone? i would like easy access to email, better texting capability, google maps and voice integration. but do i really need it? having a bit of distance between myself and the rest of the world is comforting sometimes. such is the dilemma of living in a wired world.


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  1. Ali
    Posted November 22, 2009 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

    This isn’t even a reality for most of us down here yet. I am still using a 2-bit grey screen pixalated phone. It has a flash light on it. Real high tech.

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